An Objective Look at Making Money With Free Article Distribution

Posted by on June 7, 2012

Many online business owners have heard that a very successful method on achieving maximum visibility is by creating free articles and submitting the content to a number of article directories. Most often this process of website promotion is known as article marketing and when done correctly this particular promotional tactic is an incredible tool for increasing targeted website traffic and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

If you’re seriously considering free article distribution as a means to increase exposure but have yet to implement the process into your advertising efforts it’s important that you take a close look at the details involved. Though article marketing is a cost-effective solution that provides rapid measurable results, as a business owner it’s imperative that you truly consider the overall implications the process of free article distribution will have on your business operations. Free Article Distribution Produces Rapid Measurable Results

The key factor that makes article marketing an appealing option for online business owners is that if done correctly you see quality results in a short period of time. As this article is to take an objective approach to free article distribution the following is an analysis of the statement “if done correctly” The key to successful article marketing is quality content and if your readers do not find your information timely, attention grabbing and unique chances are they will not take the time to read your article or follow the link to your site.

Free Articles Must Contain Timely Information That Satisfies Curiosity

The Internet changed the way we do business, communicate with friends or family and create relationships with others it’s also changed the way we view almost every aspect of our environment. No longer are users satisfied with a general explanation when it comes to products, services or topics they find interesting today’s user is desperately searching for fresh content that provides enough information to satisfy their curiosity and answer their questions. Key to capturing the attention of your target market through free article distribution is by providing content filled with quality information that satisfies the reader’s curiosity and holds their attention.

Many online business owners avoid marketing through free article distribution because they are uncomfortable with the art of writing articles or simply have very little time available to focus on topics their readers find interesting. If this is what has been holding you back from launching an article marketing campaign, there is a solution that will help you obtain quality content as well as maintain the cost-effective benefit of article marketing. Online business owners can find a number of freelance writers with loads of experience in creating valuable online content that attracts your readers’ attention. You can locate article content providers on sites such as where providers compete for your business, which helps keep your costs low.

Quality SEO Helps Search Engines Find the Free Articles Distributed

Free article distribution is not only about creating quality content to catch your readers’ attention; the content organization must find a healthy balance between quality and proper search engine optimization. Articles with proper SEO focus on a specific keyword phrase and most commonly possess approximately 2-4% keyword density. If keywords are properly located throughout the document without blatantly spamming the search engine, the chances of your article drawing traffic are dramatically increased.

Writer Must Possess SEO Familiarity For Free Article Distribution To Achieve Maximum Result

If you’ve chosen to create the article yourself, make certain that you scour the Internet for quality information that focuses on search engine optimization. There are also a number of resources that focus on free article distribution and proper SEO Copywriting tactics. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen employ the services of a skilled freelance writer to create your article content, it’s important that you specifically mention that the project scope requires quality SEO Copywriting skills. Most freelance writers spend much of their time writing for the web so finding a skilled writer with SEO Copywriting skills shouldn’t be too difficult, especially for free article content geared for article directory distribution. However, do not assume that the provider has search engine optimization skills, be specific and ask for previous samples that illustrate their abilities to write for the web. The art of optimizing your article content is extremely important to the success of your free article distribution.

Article Directories Decide the Success of Your Free Article Distribution

The final stage of the article marketing process is taking the free article content and distributing it to a wide audience through popular article directories. This can be done a variety of ways, but if you’re searching for an easy solution and your budget can handle the expense the painless method of distribution is through a quality article directory submission service. These services distribute your free article content to numerous article directories and if you’ve chosen a quality distribution service you will reach maximum exposure. Keep in mind that there are a number of other methods of distributing your articles to the various directories on the web such as software solutions or even contracting with a freelance professional.

Article Directory Search Engine Ranking Directly Affects Your Free Article Distribution

The quality of the Article Directory has a direct impact on the overall success of your free article distribution. If you’ve chosen the less complicated method of distribution through a service, pay careful attention to the list of article directories provided to their customers and keep in mind that in this particular situation “quality”is often more important than “quantity.”The key is to increase the exposure of your free article content and the most successful method is to ensure that your free article distribution includes directories with quality search engine rankings as well as a regular flow of website traffic. Another key factor to keep in mind when distributing your free article content is the topic in question, as many article directories address a specific niche, so you might want to search for a directory specific to your industry.

Making money through free article distribution is a highly successful cost effective way to increase the flow of targeted traffic to your website. It’s important for business owners to look at the overall implications this marketing tactic can have on business operations because the process is more than simply creating an article and submitting it to thousands of article directories. The bottom line is to always create free article content that captivates the attention of your targeted visitors and is easily associated with the overall theme of your product or service.

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