Cool Christmas Presents – What to Get Kids This Year!

Posted by on July 15, 2012

What are cool Christmas presents that I can get for my loved ones this year? That’s exactly what you’ve been thinking, I know, because you’re not alone with those thoughts. The Christmas season, no matter how joyful and exciting it can be, well it comes with that added stress of not knowing what to buy as cool Christmas gifts. Relax. I’m going to help you today.

Here are some ideas for Cool Christmas Presents this holiday season: (Oh and don’t worry, for things that your kids want that you may be clueless about, I’ll explain them.)

For Younger Kids

Kid Tough Digital Camera- I know it’s happened to you a million times that your young child grabs your digital camera or your cell phone because they want to take pictures too! And if they are anything like my nephew, well after you get your camera back it’s not only been bitten but it has slobber all over it and well after a while sometimes the picture may become a little fuzzy. Right? Yeah, I’ve been there too.

But check this out, Fisher Price came out with the Kid Tough Camera and it’s a fully functional digital camera that is easy to use for kids. Seriously, the buttons are big and easy to understand, they have a viewfinder so kids can actually see the picture before taking it and it’s got a bigger dual handle design so it’s easy for their little hands to hold.

I think this is just an awesome idea and I’m not surprised to know that Fisher Price won the Toy of the Year Award for it in 2007.

Keep in mind that there are many versions of the Kid Tough Camera because it has been around for a few years and they keep improving upon it. They have the Kid Tough Digital Camera Blue which is for boys and they have the Kid Tough Digital Camera Pink for girls. They also have water-proof versions, ones that you can use a memory card, ones that you don’t have to, ones that you can use a couple AA batteries and ones that have a lithium battery. So just check them all out and decide which one you feel is best.

Pricing varies depending on, of course which version you are buying. Of course, the older versions are going to be cheaper, but keep in mind that the newer versions although more expensive they will have been improved much more. $ 47.88 to $ 189.95 is about the pricing differences you’ll find. Generally the higher priced items will not only be the latest versions but sometimes they even include extras like a camera case or free prints, which can certainly add to the effectiveness of your cool Christmas gifts.

For Teenage Girls

The Kindle- this is an awesome wireless reading device by Amazon. So if your daughter or grand-daughter likes to read this would be an ideal gift. Oprah Winfrey says about the Kindle, “I’m telling you, it’s absolutely my new favorite thing in the world.”

With The Kindle your child can read without physically having a book in their hand. It’s true, all of the “books” are downloaded onto The Kindle and that is how they read them.

Are you wondering why something like this would be better than an actual book? I was too. There are actually a couple of really great reasons. First and foremost, we save trees by not printing so many pages in books. That’s a huge help to the environment. Secondly, and I think the most important to a lot of folks, especially in this economy, is that you can save money. The “books” that you buy for your Kindle are generally around $ 9.99. And I’m not talking about no name books that are 10 bucks, I’m talking about New York Times Best Sellers. So that will help your pocketbook and anyone else’s that buys your child books. And third, the Kindle is actually lighter and thinner than your typical paperback. So instead of your child carrying around 3 paperbacks that they are reading, well now those 3 paperbacks (plus as many as 197 more) can be kept in the thin Kindle.

The price for a Kindle is around $ 359 (but it’s well worth it, in my opinion, when you think about helping the environment and all of the money that you’ll save overtime with “book” purchases. Think Green this holiday season.)

For Teenage Boys

RockBand Special Edition- this video game is just absolutely awesome and the boys are just going crazy over it (even some of us grown women are too. Shhhhh!) RockBand is a video game for Xbox, PlayStation and even the Wii.

Keep in mind that there are different versions of the game, there’s Rockband, Rockband Special Edition, Rockband 2 Special Edition and there are also the actual instruments. Generally speaking though, the special edition sets include everything that your child will need to get their band rocking and rolling i.e. drums, guitar, mic, etc. So, it’s probably a good idea to check your child’s collection already or just listen to them when you walk by a Game Stop or any other video game store to find out what version they are wishing to get on their cool Christmas presents list. Of course, if they have instruments already, you can just buy the video game by itself.

I think that even you will like this game. I know that when you’re in the car alone or even in the shower that you are jamming on your air guitar or just singing your heart out. So when the kids aren’t home, well you can go on your own RockBand world tour (I know I will be as we just picked up RockBand 2 Special Edition for Xbox for the kids hehehe.)

Depending on what version you are getting and whether you are just getting a game or special edition version the price will vary. You’re looking at anywhere from $ 46.99 to $ 189.99

OK there you have it. The top cool Christmas Presents for each category of kid. You seriously won’t go wrong if you pick up any of the above mentioned cool Christmas gifts. I promise because they are all Santa approved ;-)

Carey Buck is the owner of Cool Christmas Gift Ideas []. Did you find these Cool Christmas Presents tips useful? You can learn a lot more about cool Christmas presents this holiday season and get the latest cool Christmas gifts as we review them on our Cool Christmas Gift Ideas Blog [].

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