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Posted by on July 27, 2012

Globalization of the maze, where your direction?

  When we follow biologist Richard? Dawkins a trip and found that the brand is a cultural gene, “Brand Meme” is the spirit of the brand code.

In Dawkins view, tend to hold high the banner of political Mihm spread freedom, democracy, justice, play a messianic role; and Mihm has a ruthless religious doctrine, sinners will be subject to “hell fire” punishment threat, is a means of access to faith. Benign “brand Meme” no political Meme “savior” of the halo, and no religious Meme “hell fire” as the cold, but it also had hidden its profitable core, “fallen to” only to altruistic form, it must mobilize all the modern elements to their pretending to be cool to get an appearance on the breathtaking effect.

Bad “brand Meme” a means of predatory

Dawkins look with the Stern review the genes, the last identified gene is a selfish machine.

As a cultural gene, “Brand Meme” first is purely selfish, it is the manipulator to open up the market territory.

When Henry? Ford to produce cars to market, he initially thought was self-reliance, create, make money, these purely personal affairs. However, the birth of the car, it fundamentally changed the world. Peter? Drucker that, Henry? Ford launched the revolution in Detroit, the 20th century brought about changes in human social progress, the far-reaching and universal, are unprecedented. It makes the 20th century revolution in any other form of branded imprint from the property. All the benefits we have today are more or less can be traced back to the birth of automobile and assembly line production. Thus, Ford Mihm, purely from the beginning of the “self” and jump to the now purely a “no” the.

Religious Meme propagation and spread cruel means, unfortunately some bad “brand Meme” clone over.

They hung “no”, “Tranquility” banner, selling a purely self-greed. We see the fungus spores and pollen, dragon, three oral, Pu real, new hospitals, such as sight Delong example. Major disaster, people’s evil and vulgar culture, have become bad “brand Meme” predatory effective means.

Down brother could have had extraordinary ambition. He saw the shortcomings of our system, not a wide range of direct financing channels, huge household savings A fully entrusted the control of the bureaucracy within the bank to take care of, the result of negative interest rates unceremoniously down on the people’s heads. Tang Wanli to a successful career, to create a range of financial products, to transform China’s financial structure, in order to create the investment in the people of China always a pity that in the process of integration of financial and industry, there are too many hidden traps and obstacles. I believe, Tang Wanli, Tang Wanxin is not the beginning we should deceive the people of the world, but unconventional thinking have taken place in the breathtaking jumps, thus creating the business crazy, but also laid a curse Delong collapse. Because they violated the “brand Meme” growth, reproduction and dissemination mechanism. Across products and services to build links carefully, trying to gather some of the concepts of wandering the capital, I am afraid only of Down Brothers can leave the imprint of greed.

Resistant Kemi Mu: “The real movement quality”

“Brand Meme” is not so easy to show up. You do not find it, it all the time; if you find it, you want to carry forward it, but it is hidden in the invisible. Accumulation in the body too much a product of Chris Mihm, and often do not know some of the real founder of the “brand Meme.” Many companies in parades around the maze in the brand, that as long as the ads in the marketing plan to drop it on the line. They want the public to bite, and bite, tight, time and length. However, the old saying, you can cheat at one time, you can fool all the people at the time, you can fool some people in I, but you definitely can not fool all the people in the I,! Once the fraud has been burst, building, when Qingta the moment. If you truly want a hundred years old, really want to build a great brand, you can not just want a use of people’s bad quality, but to first dig out the products and services for the “brand Meme.”

Nike “brand Meme” to explore the group’s process, worth learning from. 1987 Nike brand at a turning point in North America one position to the Reebok, Reebok and income for the first time behind the gap to reach 800 million U.S. dollars. Nike had to lay off 20% of the employees at once.

At Nike “brand Meme” is very masculine. Products are mainly for young male athletes. Nike’s way out is to go beyond ambitious, competitive athletes in mind the core and growth in order to make themselves closer to a wider group of consumers. Like all brands, Nike is not only destruction ahead. However, age-old problems faced by Nike, Nike this solution for many people it became the backbone of heresy. They will ask, Nike how dare betray their own identity, with those informal, rarely engaged in “real” sports people build a pure sports brand?

Nike mining define their own “brand Meme” occurred on the frustrations. The performance of the internal market but this is the predicament of the external response. This narrow orientation, limits the type of Nike’s market often defeat the most important lesson is: the core of every brand has an important material for its strength, to discover the brand, it is necessary to understand its essence.

Thus, a large-scale reflection began. “Nike is that?” “The Nike brand is the essence of what?” Finally, overcome obstacles, rejection of factional disputes, the Nike “brand Meme” has been re-approved: Whether young or old, whether professional athletes or full layman, both runners every day or just a weekend exercise, whether the tennis player or a walk, or even children, are you in the Nike world a place, this is “the quality of the real movement” ( Justdo it!).

“Real movement quality”, the “brand Meme” expansion of Nike’s access point, it touched young and old professional practitioners of various nerve endings, brought a rapid expansion marketplace. Nike’s important experience is not enough cause for attention, so many companies and brands, are still finding a way out the maze.

Explore “brand Meme” process, the actual process of cleaning up corporate thinking, is to define the essence and nature of the company

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